Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?

The UWP thinks Saint Lucians are fools. In their 2006 manifesto, they made promise after promise. New jobs. Low crime. Training. Lower taxes. Of the 26 promises they made to the people, they delivered on just .5 of those promises!

Now, they're asking us to believe in their 2011 FAIRY TALE MANIFESTO?!?! We Lucians are too smart for that.

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What Fairy Tale Promises Will the UWP Make This Time?

In their 2006 manifesto, the UWP made 26 big promises to the people of Saint Lucia. They kept just 1.92% of them. On Sunday, they're going to launch another manifesto and based on their failure to implement their 2006 manifesto, we can only conclude that it will be chock full of fairy tale promises that they will once again break. Consider:

In their last manifesto, they said they would create 7,000 new jobs. They lost thousands of jobs. They failed.

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Manifesto Launched at Massive Rally

Last night, the SLP held a massive national rally to launch it's visionary manifesto: Our Blueprint for Growth.

Our campaign has been a campaign of ideas. For weeks, we've rolled out idea after idea to put this country back on the right track. And, now, we've released our comprehensive vision - Our Blueprint for Growth.

Get your copy online now!

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Comprehensive Vision: Coming this Thursday

The SLP is the ideas party. Over the last several weeks, we've outlined detailed policies to improve the lives of Saint Lucians.

While the UWP government has offered no vision, no ideas and a record of failure, the SLP has outlined in great detail our vision to bring better days to Saint Lucia.

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SLP Launches Policy Statements

The following is the text of the Opening Statement by the Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony on the launching of the SLP Policy Statements:

The SLP will Strengthen the Foundation of our Education System

The SLP understands that a strong and resilient nation must be built on a good education system. That is why, during our previous term in government, we introduced Universal Secondary Education to provide a place in Secondary School for every child. However, we recognize that there are still problems at the Early Childhood Education level, where many children are not attending Pre-School because either their parents cannot afford the cost or facilities do not exist in the communities where they live.

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