May 31, 2016 - 5:03pm

Speaking at an SLP press conference today, the Representative for Soufriere and Minister for Social Transformation, Hon.


Letter Regarding Gros Islet Development Foundation

Mr. Stephenson King,
Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, National Development, Physical Development, Housing, Urban Renewal and Local Government,
Government Building,
Castries Waterfront,



It has been brought to my attention via an advertisement on the local television media of the existence of the “Gros Islet Development Foundation”. The advertisement publicly supports that the said entity represents “Your property taxes at work”. I have sought clarification as to the legal nature of this entity via the Office of the attorney General. Such foundations or agencies which receive government funding for the purpose of undertaking government works would normally require specific legislation, such as the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation, the National Community Foundation or the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.

As the Gros Islet Development Foundation suggests that it is utilizing government revenue for the purpose of public road construction and maintenance, it appears that this entity is quasi-governmental and should have the sanctioning of appropriate legislation. Clearly, if this entity is receiving government revenues to purchase works on behalf of the Government, then in the interest of public accountability, some framework must be established under the law to effect such arrangements.

Sir, could you kindly clarify the following matters:

(1) Is there a specific Cabinet Conclusion ratifying the arrangements between Government and the Gros Islet Development Foundation?
(2) Are there any agreements under which the Government provides the said Foundation with specific revenue streams such as property taxes?

(3) Has the entity been given the responsibility of public road construction and maintenance within Gros Islet and on what basis does the Foundation seeks to suggest that it is empowered to do so?

(4) Has the Government approved any contracts or the purchase of works by the said Foundation and what are the nature, value and scope of works of such contracts?

(5) Has the said Foundation received any monies from the Government thus far, how much and for what purpose?

(6) Has the said Foundation received any monies from the Republic of China (Taiwan) thus far, how much and for what purpose?

Thank you kindly for your consideration regarding this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Campaign Manager

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