May 31, 2016 - 5:03pm

Speaking at an SLP press conference today, the Representative for Soufriere and Minister for Social Transformation, Hon.


The SLP will Strengthen the Foundation of our Education System

The SLP understands that a strong and resilient nation must be built on a good education system. That is why, during our previous term in government, we introduced Universal Secondary Education to provide a place in Secondary School for every child. However, we recognize that there are still problems at the Early Childhood Education level, where many children are not attending Pre-School because either their parents cannot afford the cost or facilities do not exist in the communities where they live.

Early Childhood Education is very important. Not only is it a period where many critical functions and behaviours are learned and developed, but a good foundation at that stage lessens the chances that problems will develop later in the school life of the child.

Therefore, in our next term of office, an SLP government will implement Universal Early Childhood Education to make it possible for every child of Pre-School age to attend an accredited Pre-School or Early Childhood Learning Centre. To make this a reality, we will provide support for children from poor or disadvantaged families to attend Pre-School in their communities free of charge.

We will also ensure that Pre-School teachers are properly trained and that all Early Childhood Learning Centres are accredited and meet national standards.

Wherever possible, we will make use of unused space and capacity in our primary schools to provide early childhood education, and where Pre-Schools do not exist in communities, we will establish them.

Our government recognizes the excellent work that the Roving Caregivers Programme is doing to provide support to vulnerable parents and their young children and we will provide greater support to this valuable early childhood development programme.

Better Days are Coming!

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