May 31, 2016 - 5:03pm

Speaking at an SLP press conference today, the Representative for Soufriere and Minister for Social Transformation, Hon.



La Corbiniere: ‘We’ll break the gangs!’

By Labour Reporter

No-nonsense Home Affairs and National Security Minister Senator Philip La Corbiniere has vowed that organized gangs in St. Lucia will be broken under his watch.

The former Attorney General and Minister of Justice in a previous Labour administration was speaking after Thursday’s opening of the 10th Parliament in an interview with the press in which he was asked to comment in the fact that three persons had been killed in the first five days of the year.

La Corbiniere said too much overdue attention should not be paid to the two incidents that left three persons dead and others injured, as it was impossible to control, far less prevent such occurrences. He noted, however, that such incidents were the results of feuds between gangs resulting in such deaths.The minister said the Labour Party could not prevent crime, but promised that an all-out assault will be made to break the gangs that are responsible for most of the deaths being caused these days.

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Compliments of the Season!

The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to extend seasons greetings to all St. Lucians, both here and in the Diaspora.

May the New Year provide a renewed sense of hope, drive and commitment towards the accomplishment of your goals.

May you continue keeping our beloved Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony and his Cabinet of Ministers in your prayers and unite as we work towards Better Days!

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SLP Wins Government!

Yesterday, the people voted to bring better days to Saint Lucia. We are humbled and honored by the trust placed in us by the people.

A special congratulations to our successful candidates. We are confident that they will ably represent their constituents in Parliament. To those candidates who came up a bit short, thank you for running and representing the SLP with honour and distinction.

And, of course, we would be remiss if we did not thank you, the supporters, activists and voters of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP). This victory belongs to yours and we are humbled and honoured by your support.

Now, the real work begins to bring better days to Saint Lucia. It’s time to heal and put our country back on the right track.

En rouge!

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Watch: ‘A Time to Heal’

Tonight, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony showed the people of Saint Lucia why he is ready to serve the people as Prime Minister once again. He is a man of substance and dignity. He is a member of a team of capable, intelligent and honest people who have the ideas and energy to bring better days to Saint Lucia.

The truth is, the UWP has failed the people of Saint Lucia. They’ve brought us scandal after scandal – from Bruce Wayne Tucker to the Richard Frederick visa scandal. They’ve brought us the highest unemployment rate in decades and record high crime. They haven’t fulfilled any of their 2006 manifesto promises. They are not, as Lady Janice Compton and so many others have noted, the UWP of old. They are a failed government led by a weak leader. They failed. And, they deserve to be fired tomorrow and replaced with a team of hardworking people with the ideas and energy to bring better days to Saint Lucia.

Watch Dr. Anthony’s final address:

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Now Available! En Rouge Road Mix!

You've heard it on the road. You've heard it on the radio. You've heard it at the rallies. Now, own it yourself - the FULL En Rouge Road Mix.

Download it now:

En Rouge

We say en rouge because we know that the UWP government has failed us. They've brought record high unemployment, record high crime and scandal after scandal.

We say en rouge because we can't trust the UWP to deliver for us. They delivered just 1.92% of their 2006 manifesto.

We say en rouge because Stephenson King is a weak leader who even former UWP ministers and stalwarts say isn't up to the job.

We say en rouge because we know that diplomatic visas are only revoked for terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking or human trafficking.

We say en rouge because the SLP is the ideas party. We've outlined in detailed a bold vision to create jobs, provide healthcare, promote the creative industries and much more.

On Monday, we will cast our X next to the star because we want to bring better days to Saint Lucia!

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Exposed! Last Minute Dirty Tricks

They're calling it the "campaign of sickness." Our insiders tell us that UWP operatives have a plan to buy votes on Liberation Day (Election Day). They plan to tell people to claim sickness and that they need help filling out their ballot. The UWP operative then ensures that the voter votes flambeau so that the voter can receive payment afterward.

We do not know if this plan will be implemented, however, we caution the election observer teams as well as all Saint Lucian voters to BEWARE and WATCH FOR this dirty, illegal and unethical trick!

Also, beware: over the next 30 hours, it is possible that UWP operatives will be giving out BIG money to try to win votes. If you see, witness or hear of any bribery, take a picture, record it and send it to your SLP campaign office, the police and the election observer teams. Together, we can stamp out unethical and illegal tactics.

Finally, please BB and post to facebook any evidence you have of illegal, unethical and dirty tricks!

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Voting SLP: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know before Election Day.

Polls are open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm on Monday, November 28th

You must be in line by 6:00 pm.

At 6:00 pm. A police officer will take a place at the end of the line. Everyone in front of the police officer will have the right to vote, no matter how long it takes.

We advise that you vote as early as possible – early out to vote them out!

If your name is on the voter list, you have the right to vote in that constituency!

When you go to the polls, you must bring a photo ID. This can be your national ID card. If you do not have your national ID card, you may use a passport, driver’s license or any other means that will allow you to be identified!

No cell phones are allowed in the voting booth. Do not wear any SLP gear to go to vote.

When you receive your ballot, use the pencil provided and mark an X to the right of the Star. Do not cross the lines with your X.

If you mess up your ballot, notify the presiding officer immediately who will issue you a new ballot.

Know your polling location BEFORE you go to the polls. Look it up right now here at

Watch this video to learn more:

On Monday, vote to bring better days to Saint Lucia by casting your X next to the STAR!

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Beware! Desperate UWP Operatives Sending Fake Emails!

The failed UWP regime can’t run on their record. That’s because their record is record high unemployment, record high crime and scandal after scandal from Bruce Wayne Tucker to the Richard Frederick visa scandal.

They can’t run on their record, so, they’re instead spreading vicious lies and misinformation about the SLP. One such lie is a fake email supposedly from “Kenny D. Anthony.” That email is not from Kenny Anthony. It’s a fake. That sort of impersonation is not only unethical, it is illegal.

Send a message to the failed UWP regime that these dirty and illegal campaign tactics won’t work. Let them know that you are not fooled by their lies and treachery by casting your X next to the STAR on November 28th. Better Days are Just Hours Away!

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En Rouge Ringtones Now Available!

You asked for them. And, now, they’re here. En Rouge ringtones for your cell phone. We’ve organized them by constituency. So, get the ringtone for your constituency now!

There are just hours left until we bring better days to Saint Lucia. Now is the time to show your support. Download the ringtones:

En Rouge - Vieux Fort North
En Rouge - Vieux Fort South
En Rouge - Soufriere
En Rouge - Micoud South
En Rouge - Micoud North
En Rouge - Laborie
En Rouge - Gros Islet
En Rouge - Dennery North
En Rouge - Dennery South
En Rouge - Choiseul
En Rouge - Castries South
En Rouge - Castries South East
En Rouge - Castries North
En Rouge - Castries East
En Rouge - Castries Central
En Rouge - Babboneau
En Rouge - Anse La Raye
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Desperate UWP Campaign Trying to Take Your Vote Away!

As Liberation Day (Election Day) draws near, the failed UWP regime is becoming more and more desperate. They feel the winds of change blowing across the island and that’s why they and their operatives are engaging in some of the most vile and anti-democratic tactics this country has ever seen.

We have reliable reports that certain individuals connected to the failed UWP regime are unethically and illegally paying between $300 and $600 to voters to surrender their voter registration card to UWP operatives! This disgusting practice is not only illegal and unethical – it is anti-democratic. We call on this government to CEASE AND DESIST from its lawbreaking practices.

Further, we advise the public that you can vote without your voter ID card! Instead of your voter ID card, simply bring your Driver’s License or Passport with you to vote. You have a right to vote and no one can deny you that sacred right! Stand up for our democracy and cast your vote solidly for the SLP on November 28th.

En rouge!

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