May 31, 2016 - 5:03pm

Speaking at an SLP press conference today, the Representative for Soufriere and Minister for Social Transformation, Hon.


Defining Our National Identity


Saint Lucia’s cultural history is distinctive and impressive. We are a multi-cultural and bi-lingual people who are energetic and innovative, with a vibrant history of community-based creative expression, particularly in dance, craft, arts, music and cuisine.

Our goal is to harness the creative potential of our people and create sustainable platforms that will enable Saint Lucia to become the hub for creative excellence in the Caribbean.

We will do this through a programme that:

  • Strengthens Saint Lucia’s brand identity by showcasing and celebrating our unique Kweyol heritage;
  • Brings internationally renowned creative companies, brands, celebrities and high level industry practitioners to visit, study, teach, create, work, play and live in Saint Lucia;
  • Creates world-class higher education programmes for skill-sets that are highly teachable and in demand globally;
  • Has great potential for multi-tier employment opportunities and entrepreneurial pursuit;
  • Creates high-value exportable products and services;
  • Generates substantial public goodwill and visibility.

To realize this goal, we will work along six (6) critical areas – Governance, Infrastructure, Institutional Support, Arts Festival, Branding and Education.


Your Labour Government will:

  • Establish a separate Ministry for Culture and the Creative Industries. This Ministry will be called the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and the Creative Industries.


Your Labour Government will:

    Construct a National Cultural & Congress Centre and establish cultural infrastructure in select communities around the island;

  • Give a new mandate to a revamped Cultural Development Foundation to make Saint Lucia the hub for creative excellence in the Caribbean.


Your Labour Government will:

  • Conduct an audit with the aim of significantly reducing and where possible removing duties and tariffs related to the importation of materials critical to the work of creative industries professionals and artisans;
  • Develop a suite of incentives to encourage international companies and entities to produce and undertake international projects in Saint Lucia, such as movies, photoshoots, conferences, retreats, and recording sessions;
  • Provide greater support to the Saint Lucia School of Music, the Saint Lucia School of Ballet and other local institutions involved in providing instruction in the creative arts;
  • Devise creative ways to encourage local companies to purchase, commission and/or utilize the products or services of local creative industry professionals.


Your Labour Government will:

  • Evolve the arts component of the Saint Jazz and Arts Festival to become a globally acclaimed Arts Fair;
  • Invite internationally renowned gallerists, curators and artists to participate in this Arts Festival;
  • Create a large-scale local and regional art showcase and host international creative industry fora.


Your Labour Government will:

  • Develop a collective, attractive brand under which small local producers and creative practitioners can be more effectively represented and promoted globally. The brand will provide the platform for representation of our creative industries practitioners and their products and services at major global trade fairs;
  • Develop a global marketing initiative promoting Saint Lucia as an ideal location for artists of all endeavours to be inspired and create (film scenes, write, paint, digitize, design, etc.).


Your Labour Government will:

  • Develop a School of Creative Studies as a division of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College;
  • Establish this School of Creative Studies as the preeminent place in the Caribbean to study Art, Design, Animation, Videography, Video Editing, Sculpting, Photography, Film Production, Audio Production, Mobile Application Development, and Video Game Production;
  • The School will also provide a space for young local artists to discover, work, practice, collaborate, perform and exhibit.

    Saint Lucia has a rich and proud patrimony - a legacy of our multi-cultural ancestry. Unfortunately, we have not focused enough attention on preserving that heritage or on educating our young citizens on its importance and value.

    It is regrettable, that a country with such a rich history in culture, education, politics, sporting endeavour, public service and private entrepreneurship, to name but a few areas, does not have a museum that pays homage to those who went before and on whose shoulders we now stand. It is even more unfortunate that the deeds and exploits of these pioneers are unknown to most of our modern day citizenry.

    Your Labour Government will:

    • Establish a National Museum and Art Gallery, in conjunction with the National Trust;
    • Continue the process of naming public buildings and infrastructure after Saint Lucians who have excelled and contributed in various fields of endeavour;
    • Incorporate Saint Lucian Studies into the curriculum at the Primary School level;
    • Revive and elevate the Best Village and Community competitions and make the award part of the annual observance of Saint Lucia’s Independence;
    • Provide support for the annual recognition of contributions by Saint Lucians from all walks of life to national development, separate from the Order of Saint Lucia awards;
    • Encourage shows and exhibitions that showcase Saint Lucia’s cultural, natural and biological diversity, such as Agricultural Exhibitions, Flower Shows, and Craft Exhibitions;
    • Enhance the UNESCO World Heritage Site Pitons Management Area through the construction of an interpretation centre and development of education programmes that teach people the economic, social and environmental value of our World Heritage Site designation;
    • Provide incentives to the private sector to invest in the beautification and regeneration of our towns and villages, while preserving the cultural and historical character of the communities.

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