May 31, 2016 - 5:03pm

Speaking at an SLP press conference today, the Representative for Soufriere and Minister for Social Transformation, Hon.


Our Achievements


Reducing Unemployment, Creating Jobs:

  • National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE)
    launched with over 6,000 new jobs created;
  • $100.94 Million spent on job creation through
  • Reintroduction of Short Term Employment Project (STEP) with 2000 to 2500 persons employed at each cycle;
  • New Cruise Ship Employment Programme started;
  • Tourism hostess programme implemented;
  • Nursing Program to secure employment for Saint Lucian nurses developed.

Taking Tourism to New Heights:

  • Continued to steadily increase visitor arrivals; in 2015 we surpassed the one million mark for the first
  • Increased airlift from the major source markets including USA, UK and Canada, without resorting to the use of exorbitant revenue guarantees;
  • Successfully rebranded the Jazz Festival to Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival;
  • Opening of Capella Marigot Bay and the Dive Centre in Rodney Bay;
  • Construction of two new hotels: Harbour Club Hotel in Rodney Bay & Royalton Resort in Cap Estate;
  • Refurbishment and expansion work at seven major hotels.

Agriculture and Fisheries Rejuvenation:

  • New jetties at Praslin and Savannes Bay;
  • Increased fuel subsidy to fishers by 100%;
  • Passage of new Agriculture and Fisheries Incentives Act;
  • Increased domestic and hotel purchases of local crops;
  • Effective management of Black Sigatoka disease;
  • Major expansion of cocoa, coconut and coffee production;
  • Improved School Feeding Programme;
  • Farm Labour Support programme through NICE.

Supporting Local Business:

  • Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) launched;
  • Export of furniture by local manufacturers to Grenada;
  • Business Name Registration Assistance provided to over 200 persons;
  • Act establishing the Trade Export Promotion Agency passed;
  • Consumer Protection Act passed in Parliament.

Stimulating Investment:

  • Successful hosting of inaugural Saint Lucia Investment Forum;
  • New National Investment legislation passed;
  • Commencement of work for the Courts Mega Centre at Marisule;
  • Construction of Dayana Mall on Bridge Street, Castries;
  • Establishment of Caribbean Grains in Vieux Fort.

Creative Industries Programme:

  • Establishment of Walcott House;
  • National Performance Program Launched;
  • JÈTÉ dance competition developed, providing training to dancers;
  • Saint Lucian Artist Marketing Concert (S.L.A.M) launched.


Enacting New Legislation:

  • Anti-Gang Legislation passed.

Working with the Police

  • Supported police in crime prevention activities and in their efforts to reduce the homicide rate.


Educating our Youth:

  • $500 one-time bursary to families whose children pass the Common Entrance examination;
  • $700 annual Teaching Supplies Grant to teachers;
  • Introduction of “One Laptop per Child” Programme. All students in Forms 3,4, & 5 now have laptops;
  • Partial Zoning introduced to reduce the burden of transportation costs;
  • Refurbishment of Saltibus Combined, Deniere Riviere Combined, Dennery Primary and Desruisseaux Combined schools;
  • Renovation of Vieux Fort Infant, Corinth Secondary, Clendon Mason Memorial, Fond Assau Combined, Canaries Infant School, Micoud Infant/Primary School.

Safety Nets and Support for the Vulnerable:

  • Public assistance increased by 25%;
  • New monthly assistance of $200.00 for children with special needs;
  • NICE National Home Help Programme implemented;
  • Single Mothers empowerment programme (SMILE) started;
  • Water and electricity connections made possible for all Saint Lucians regardless of land ownership situation;
  • Caretaker Programme/Roadside Maintenance Programme initiated;
  • No VAT on electricity and water bills.

Better Health Services:

  • Dennery Hospital completely rehabilitated;
  • Soufriere hospital refurbished;
  • Ti-Rocher Wellness Centre renovated;
  • Gros Islet Polyclinic’s hours expanded;
  • Refurbishment of health centres at Babonneau, Micoud, Etangs & Castries;
  • La Guerre Wellness Centre constructed;
  • 162 persons received EDF Scholarships to undergo specialised training in health services;
  • Free medication for diabetics and individuals diagnosed with hypertension;
  • No VAT on medication;
  • Amnesty in 2012 for persons with outstanding bills at Victoria Hospital and St. Jude Hospital.

Improving Access to Affordable Housing:

  • Construction of homes for underprivileged residents in Dennery, Soufriere and Vieux-Fort;
  • Return of PROUD;
  • 48 households from Conway relocated to Fond Manger, Castries;
  • Monchy Housing Project completed;
  • First phase of Mocha Housing Project completed;
  • Bois d’Orange/Trouya Development launched 76 housing lots created;
  • Black Bay Housing Development launched;
  • Crown Lands Rectification Programme started.


  • Repair of Hurricane Tomas damage on the Barre de Lisle;
  • Sulphur Springs Road restored;
  • Guesneau slope stabilized;
  • East Coast Road repairs undertaken;
  • Marchand Riverbank Stabilization Programme underway;
  • 21 bridges built or rehabilitated;
  • Several roads rehabilitated around the island, including in Dennery, Vieux Fort, Castries, Soufriere, Choiseul, Laborie and Gros Islet;
  • New Vieux Fort Square constructed;
  • Ongoing construction of the Soufriere Town square;
  • Refurbished Marchand Community Centre.


Protecting our Environment:

  • Saved the UNESCO World Heritage status of the Pitons Management Area;
  • Established Flood Early Warning Systems in Anse La Raye, Canaries and Marchand.

Improving the Water Sector:

  • Reorganized and improved WASCO;
  • Started works to improve Micoud and Desruisseaux water supply systems;
  • Secured funding for new water supply systems in Vieux Fort and Dennery North;
  • Rehabilitated intakes at Ravine Poisson and Vanard;
  • Castries city provided with 24 hour water supply;
  • Water Projects completed in Cas En Bas; Rocky Lane/Green Mountain, Dennery; Over the Bridge, Dennery; Bruceville, Vieux Fort and Fond Cacoa, Babonneau.

Providing Global Leadership on Climate Change:

  • Saint Lucia played an important leadership role at the regional and international levels in climate change negotiations.

Igniting an Energy Revolution:

  • Started work on the development of a 12 Mega Watt wind farm in Dennery;
  • Process underway for 3.2 Mega Watt solar farm in Vieux Fort South;
  • Geothermal exploration restarted;
  • Installation of solar panels on NEMO Headquarters and the Mental Wellness Centre;
  • Commenced replacement of street lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs;
  • Established National Utilities Regulatory Commission.


  • Creation of autonomous Ministry of Youth Development and Sports;
  • Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship programme developed;
  • Launch of The Beckwith International Leadership Development (BILD) program to instill leadership qualities and strengthen the skills of youth;
  • Rehabilitated over 12 sports facilities;
  • Lighting installed at 5 sporting facilities;
  • Three new multi-purpose courts built.


Improving the Delivery of Public Services:

  • Government 311 Contact Centre established;
  • Government Digitization Centre created;
  • Saint Lucia Internet Exchange Point commissioned;
  • Government vehicle monitoring and tracking system implemented;
  • Unifed Communication System commissioned - reduces cost of Government’s telephone service by
    over $2 million annually;
  • Employee Assistance Program established;
  • New state-of-the-art Public Service Training Institute developed.

Using Technology to Empower Citizens:

  • Establishment of Community ICT Access Centres in Soufriere, Vieux Fort, Anse La Raye, Canaries, Garand, Micoud and Monchy;
  • Free Wi-Fi and new computer equipment for all libraries across the island;
  • Expanded internet broadband and establishment of Wi-Fi hotspots in all secondary schools on the island;
  • Map Saint Lucia Programme established;
  • Over $1 million in grants disbursed for ICT training and ICT business development.

More Strategic External Relations:

  • Strengthened diplomatic relations with the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan);
  • Established diplomatic relations with Mauritius, New Zealand, Honduras, Mexico and Argentina;
  • Opened an Embassy in the Republic of China (Taiwan) 2015;
  • Negotiated beneficial technical agreements with the Government of Brazil;
  • Facilitated increased assistance from Taiwan, Mexico, Morocco, Venezuela, New Zealand, the United
    Kingdom and the European Union.

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