May 31, 2016 - 5:03pm

Speaking at an SLP press conference today, the Representative for Soufriere and Minister for Social Transformation, Hon.


Constituencies Agenda

At the Constituency Level, your Labour Members of Parliament will focus on the following priority projects during our next term in Government:


  1. Construction, renovation, remodeling and establishment of Community Resource Centers and Innovation Centers (CORIC) with WIFI Hot Spots in selected communities in the constituency;
  2. Construction of a Northern Police Headquarters at Massade;
  3. Installation of CCTV for surveillance of key areas and roadways;
  4. Installation of LED street lamps throughout the Constituency;
  5. Improvement of roads, sidewalks and drainage infrastructure.


  1. Redevelopment of Babonneau Central;
  2. Remodeling of the Multi-Purpose Centre to include an Administrative Building;
  3. Improvement to roads and sporting facilities Infrastructure, including lighting of the Fond Assau Field;
  4. Construction of the La Guerre Primary School;
  5. Establishment of a Babonneau Tourism Project, to include Grande Anse Turtle watch, Camping, Hiking, Bird Watching, Exploring, and a Farmers’ Market.


  1. Construction of Multipurpose Courts in key areas in the constituency, such as Agard, Bisee, Sunbilt and Carellie;
  2. Completion of the upgrade of the La Clery Playing Field;
  3. Raising the La Clery river wall;
  4. Surfacing the Active Hill/Carellie link road;
  5. Rationalization of lands in Bisee and Active Hill (upper and lower).


  1. Addressing the occupation of lands at Rock Hall and Bagatelle through the Proud Programme;
  2. Continuation of the renovations at the Marchand Grounds to include the stands and James Belgrave Court;
  3. Purchasing an existing building for use as a community centre for the people of Pavee;
  4. Working together with adjoining constituencies to construct a community centre on government owned lands at the Bocage/Morne Du Don junction;
  5. Continuation of the program of “Transforming Lives, Building Communities.”


  1. Completion of the Conway Relocation program;
  2. Upgrading and modernization of the Castries Market, including the outdoor vending areas;
  3. Acquisition and relocation of Wilton’s Yard;
  4. Development of a Human Resource Centre at Lastic Hill;
  5. Reconstruction of the main waterway from Black Stars, Morne Du Don ending at New Village.


  1. Construction of a Multi-Purpose Court in Faux-a-Chaux;
  2. Building a Community Center for Ciceron;
  3. Repaving of the road from Marigot Bay to Ti Colon;
  4. Construction of a Multipurpose Court for Upper Ciceron;
  5. Regularization of settlement issues in the Hospital Road Cemetery.


  1. Slope stabilization project for La Croix, Trois Piton, Barre Denis, and Sarrot;
  2. Construction of Human Resource Centres for Forestierre and Derriere Fort;
  3. Establishment of children play grounds in at least 3 communities;
  4. Construction of a Park in Odsan;
  5. Establishment of two Early Childhood Development Centres in Sarrot and Crown Lands.


  1. The construction of a Human Resource Development Centre in Anse La Raye;
  2. The construction of a Human Resource Development Centre in Canaries;
  3. The establishment of a Residential Development in Canaries to facilitate the relocation of residents from food prone areas in the village;
  4. Rehabilitation and expansion of the Jacmel Playing Field to meet FIFA standards;
  5. Rehabilitation and expansion of the Vanard Playing Field to meet FIFA standards.


  1. Enclosure of the Soufriere Mini Stadium and placing seats on existing concrete benches;
  2. Rehabilitation of road network in New Development;
  3. Rehabilitation of Derache road;
  4. Construction of Esperance /Diamond road;
  5. Improvement to the water supply in Bouton, Bois Den, Chateau Bellair, and Belle Fond.


  1. The construction of a Fire Station in La Fargue, Choiseul;
  2. The construction of a jetty/landing-pier in Choiseul;
  3. The construction of a Human Resource Development Centre in La Fargue;
  4. The construction of a road in the community of Franciou;
  5. The construction of the Park Estate/Gia-Bois Road.


  1. Sale of lands at Black-Bay/Augier to current occupants, at a concessionary price;
  2. Complete rehabilitation of the Augier Combined, Laborie Boys’ Primary & Banse/La Grace Combined Schools;
  3. Completion of the Olibo playing field as well as the upgrade of the Augier and Laborie Playing fields, including lighting;
  4. Construction of the Banse/La Grace multipurpose court;
  5. Construction of the Laborie Youth Centre (near Cross Over Park).


  1. Construction of a new school/Town Hall complex building as a replacement for the badly deteriorating Pierrot Combined School;
  2. Rehabilitation of the La Retraite/Grace road;
  3. Construction of a new building block for the Grace Combined School;
  4. Acquisition of land in the Fond Campeche Bamboo area for water conservation and protection;
  5. Provision of land and amenities for relocation of affected families at Joyeaux and Morne Cayenne who have been affected by landslides and flooding.


  1. Completion of the Dennery North water supply improvement project;
  2. Construction of Aux Lyons /La Pelle link road;
  3. Re-commissioning of the La Ressource Health Center;
  4. Establishment of FIFA Goal Project in Grand Riviere;
  5. Expansion of the Aux Lyons Housing Programme.


  1. Rehabilitation of the ridge road on the summit of Bois Jolie leading to the WASCO water storage tank;
  2. Construction of a Human Resource Centre;
  3. Construction of the community’s main drain;
  4. Rationalisation of unplanned developments in the constituency to provide title to the affected families;
  5. Establishment of a modern Community ICT Access Centre with free Wi-Fi to allow residents to make use of technology for education and entrepreneurship.


  1. Construction of Mini Square in the center of the village of Micoud;
  2. Construction of a multi-purpose Center in Mon Repos with accommodation for a ftness gym, computers and Wi-Fi;
  3. Enhancement and beautifcation of Sessene Descartes residence and its compound, for the purpose of undertaking a self-sustaining venture of Heritage Tourism and cultural performances, at Patience, Mon Repos;
  4. Beautification and enhancement of the Patience Playing Court area;
  5. Construction of a multi-purpose centre for the community of Praslin (facility to also serve as a hurricane shelter).


  1. Rehabilitation of Calypso Road;
  2. Rehabilitation of multi-purpose courts in Desruisseaux, Ti Rocher, Dugard and La Cour Ville and Anse Ger;
  3. Restoration of lights on Ti Rocher and Desruisseaux multi-purpose courts;
  4. Establishment of After School Activity Programmes for children of the constituency with limited recreational opportunity (particularly Dugard and La Cour Ville);
  5. Improvement and upgrading of health care facilities in Desruisseaux and Ti Rocher to provide additional services.


  1. Redevelopment of the seafront of Vieux Fort town, its beautification and transformation so that it becomes a recreational area for the residents of Vieux Fort;
  2. Beautification of the Bruce Ville Promenade by installing lights and benches along the entire promenade;
  3. Completion of the process to allow the residents of Bruce Ville, La Ressource, La Tourney, and Cantonment to own the Government lands which they have occupied over the years;
  4. Continuation of the search for investment to provide employment opportunities for the people of the entire community;
  5. Extension of the programme of building roads and footpaths in all communities throughout the constituency, including:
    • Expansion on the programme to replace the existing bitumen roads in Cedar Heights with concrete roads; and
    • Reconstruction of the road linking Beanfeld to the main VieuxFort/Castries Highway. This will the construction of drains and a concrete surface.

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